Management information system

Creating quotes from within the order administration is simple and intuitive. Quotes can be sent directly to a customer as an email with the quote attached. The email can contain a link to the system where the customer can accept the quote. When accepting the quote the customer can enter shipping information and select payment options.

Order items and print jobs can be added to a quote by using templates from portals.

An administrator completes an order and an invoice is created. The invoice could be set up to be sent throgh an output flow where the invoice is printed and a PDF copy is written to a file server.

Transport administration
When an administrator is delivering an order, a shipment can be created automatically through a TMS (Transport Management System). Currently supported TMS is Unifaun.

Purchase orders
Purchase orders can be created manually or automatically when certain items are ordered. Automatic purchase orders can be generated when certain items are ordered. The purchase order can be sent to the supplier from the system.