Variable Data Printing

Instead of printing a document in several copies a unique set is printed for each receiver. An administrator defines data sources which handles where and how data is available to the system.

A dynamic template can be connected to a data source where fi elds from the data source can be used in the dynamic template. Information from a data source fi eld can be used in text and barcode fields. A data source field can be used to determine which images or layers to be used. Fields from the data source are available in expressions and scripts.

There are different types of data sources. The buyer can upload a spreadsheet file when ordering that contains data entries to be used. Another type is where a spreadsheet file is preloaded by an administrator and a buyer filters out which data entries to be used.

The system is designed to handle large quantities of receivers and pages effectively throughout the system.

Specific activities for variable data print are available in output flows:

Removes documents that does not meet specified conditions.

Splits the job into batches of a maximum number of pages or groups documents by metadata.

Adds a barcode or OMR to control the envelope machine.

Sorts documents based on document metadata.

In outputs flows it is specified if the print format is optimized PDF or PPML.