Our reseller on the Swedish market

A company whose focus is on offering machines, software and services for the printing industry. Their main objective is on offering their expertise and experience to help their customers add business value and profitability.

PrimoTek was established in 2012 when Xerox decided to close their own selling department. At this time several of the former Xerox employees decided to move over to PrimoTek. We are working nationwide and have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe.

"Our profit goes hand in hand with our customer's profitability, we succeed when they succeed." 

Karl Rise, CEO PrimoTek


Our reseller on the Norwegian market

Established in 2002 and focuses on helping customers to develop both their existing and future business.

“By choosing BizDoc as partner our customers will experience market leading solutions and unique industry competence that contributes to increased competitiveness and increased profitability”.

Petter Langkaas, CEO BizDoc