2020-02-02 New release HaiKom 3.0 2020.1
2020.1 is a very large update here is a few of the improvments, contact us for a complete release note. Added ability to add and edit calculated properties to all processes. Properties such as plates, total net sheet and waste sheets can be edited on each print sheet. Add subcontract process in order and create purchase document directly from within the process. Suppliers can have multiple contact persons. Override print media cost directly from chosen media in a job. Added features to printer settings so you can choose to ignore printer margins when producing envelopes and other product where the final dimension and print dimension is the same and the printer margins normally say it can´t be done.

2019-10-03 New release HaiKom 3.0 2019.9
Print calculation. Fortnox integration. Invoice administration page with the possibility to create summary invoives. Improvements in step-n-repeat imposition. You can now set bleed in job definitions to make sure you don’t get an imposition with more pages than possible when a customer orders a product without uploading a print file. Validation of print parts. Packaging added to the calculation. Print media has an automatic conversion of the unit between pcs, kilo and sqm. Add weight per unit on print media (useful for envelopes etc. when weight can´t be calculated from dimension and weight). Improved dialogue for add/change order item/row. Choose price list from order.

2019-05-29 New release HaiKom 3.0 2019.5
New price calculation, handles digital, sheet offset, web offset, wide format (roll and flat bed). Calculates, time, cost, sales price and waste. Import print media from KEPA-files. Restructured job view, including imposition preview. Buyer can now specify VAT number during checkout. Buyers can add multiple deliveries. Upload a pdf containing multiple versions and specify different quantity version. Profit centres can be set in the ordered item similar to account code.  

2018-10-26 New release HaiKom 2018.10
It is now possible to administrate custom filters and views for orders and jobs. Enhancements to color selection in job definitions and jobs. Job administration have been restructured. 

2018-08-31 New release HaiKom 2018.8
Administration of print media, finishing and price items have been restructured. Who can access menu items is now much more configurable. Option to hide the heading of an information page.
New prepress activity, Delete pages. Many improvements when completeing delivery for orders and jobs.

2018-05-28 New release HaiKom 2018.5
GDPR, users must consent to terms of usage. More fields to edit when mult editing orders.
Order is automatically saved when editing an order.

2018-04-12 New release HaiKom 2018.3
More filters for orders and jobs. End users can now see tracking link in My orders.
New importer type, Keyword, that handles HTML, PDF and text content.
Variable data, improved performance when generating PDF output.
Support for PrintTalk version 1.5 and XJDF

2018-02-20 New release HaiKom 2018.2
New function in script to format phone numbers to local or international representation. When an order is placed with items for a production unit / warehouse the production unit / warehouse can be notified. Information pages can now be built up by resources (sections). Each resource can be added by a rule.

Support for multiple deliveries in order. Consignments can now be listed and viewed within order administration.

2017-12-10 New release HaiKom 2.1
Enhancements when administrating internal users. Delivery addresses can be stored automatically when orders are placed. New page for updating status of orders / jobs that can be used internally or by external production units.

Improvements to order and job log. Jobs can be added to order based on a previous job.

2017-05-08 New release HaiKom 2.0
Updated user interface with responsive web design that works well on any screen size. Administration has been simplified.

New MIS module with new page for completing delivery of order / jobs and possibility to automatically send purchase orders to suppliers.

New output flow activities in the Prepress and Variable data print module

2016-08-26 New release HaiKom 1.15
HaiKom 1.15 is released. Order import can now handle more formats and more possibilities. Managing quotes have been improved. New languages have been added (norwegian and danish). Enhancements to the media bank includes that an end user can now download media objects in other resolutions and formats.

A new module, Campaign kit is available and can handle repeated campaigns where the type of products are the same but the designs changes for each campaign.

2016-03-14 New release HaiKom 1.14
HaiKom 1.14 is now available. New features include automatic generation and printing of order documents (work order, package slip, address labels, etc.) and administration of which order notifications that should be sent to the end users. It is possible to limit users with budgets that are decreased for each order and a new way for administrators to place orders for users. Static templates can be imported from Excel files and the importer can also handle thumbnails, resources and print files. Spreadsheet pricing is available for assignment templates.

New features and activities are available to the prepress module and the optimized postal sort module. New modules are Single sign-on (SAML) and Order import.

2015-09-11 New release HaiKom 1.13
A new version of HaiKom is available. New features include enhancements to public portals. Web fonts and new icons can be uploaded to themes. Improved administration of order items. New Remote Client that makes integration with local network super easy.

Enhancements to the variable data module includes a new type of data source for single use entries that can be used for tickets. Variable data print jobs have been reorganized and are handled more efficiently. New output flow activities are Enveloping (OMR) and PostNord sorting.

2015-02-09 New release HaiKom 1.12
HaiKom 1.12 is now available. New features include easier administration of dynamic templates, a new preview control and a better upload experiance of ad-hoc print files. New acivities in output flows have been added and each processing shows better progress.

A new Service API module is available and it replaces the previous SOAP based web service module.

2014-09-08 New release HaiKom 1.11
A new version of HaiKom has just been released. New features include processing of jobs in ouput flows, new alternative to listing templates, improved approval processes.

New integrations heve been made with Pacsoft/Unifaun-Online, OCI and Optimized sort for Bring Citymail. A new module is available 'Prepress' which lets you add new activitites in output flows Recolor, Resize, Rotate and more.