Version 2021.11 is out now!

The new version includes that now both customers and administrators can choose a new edition based on a list generated from the basic edition and the following edition when the quote is converted to an order. Previously, the administrator had to edit at work, so now it will be a more efficient process that even the customer can do themselves.

Another novelty is that it is now possible to overlay prices in both job templates/wizards and manually at work. The overlay can be done for an entire calculation or single processes. What does that mean? For example, you may have a fixed price for business cards regardless of what the calculation comes to (just like in a portal template that has a price article). Another example could be that you take a fixed start-up cost and a square meter price for posters, regardless of what the calculation is. An excellent way to keep track of your price list still contains current prices after recent paper price increases.

Manual order import – It is now possible to import orders directly from the browser (requires the order import module).

What is it good for? For example, if you have customers who order campaign material on an ongoing basis by sending you a file with products and editions that will go to different addresses. To avoid having to handle it manually every time, you can have an upload page in your system where you simply release the file and orders and print / pick jobs are created based on portal templates. Once it has been created, it is easy to produce, book transport and print delivery notes.

Inventory balances can be updated via export/import of lists, multiple selections of eco-labels, a duplicate order automatically retrieves updated invoice information and payment terms from customer cards are some examples of other improvements that have taken place in this version.