Only pay for what you need

Choose to combine HaiKom Core with MIS or Web 2 Print, or use them both for most efficiency and automation.

Combine them with ther modules you need and only pay for what you need.

HAIKOM MIS – Management information system

HaiKom MIS is our latest product. A versatile order handling system with an outstanding calculation engine, easy to use and highly adaptable to suit your business needs. The calculation engine has very little limitations to what and how it can calculate. Sheet-fed offset, web-fed offset, digital, inkjet, large format roll and flatbed, HaiKom can handle all of them. You may also calculate assignements, so your calcuation dosen´t have to be based on printing, it can contain of allmost anything.


Create quick quotes using templates directly from a webshop or use product types to simplify quotation.  Send quotes with accept button i email and automate tasks like convertin quote to order and send another document such as order confirmation, such things can be automated.


We don´t tell you how to calculate. Instead, we offer a highly adaptable calculation engine, giving you the tools to achieve maximum accuracy. It doesn’t matter if you want to calculate with one speed or use 250 rules to determine the correct production speed, both ways work just as well.


Automate e-mail, document and print file handling. Handle orders in batches to minimize repetitive tasks and make money on even the smallest orders. Import order by xml or keywords. Export orders to other systems using xml. Don´t do repetitive tasks when you don´t need to. 

HAIKOM W2P – Web to print

HaiKom Web 2 Print has been developed since 2008. We believe it´s the most adaptable solution on the market. You can easily create many sorts of templates, see more below. Most type of templates can also be batch imported with the help of an Excel-file and a zip archive containing print files. If the built-in preferences aren´t enough to do the function you need it can in most cases be done with script function.


Dynamic templates

Let the buyer change the products final appearance. Can also be used with variable data printing and cross media.

Print on demand

Upload the files in advance or let the customer choose from a media library. Once ordered the pdf can be automatically processed with imposition and fixups and get sent to your printer’s queue with a jdf-file to automatically load the settings to the printer.

Inventory items

Manage inventory items.


Let the buyer upload a file and choose media, finishing etc and the price gets updated.

Booking templates

Handle booking of inventory such as company cars, exhibiton material and other inventory.

Assignment template

Form-based template that let the customer order an assignment and upload attachments.

Supplier template

Create a one-time adaptation of the price file import for a specific supplier, so you never have to adapt new price files again. Just import them and your done. Once the articles are imported it´s easy to create templates and filter what colours, sizes etc that should be included.


There is over 2300 active portal/webshops running in HaiKom today. They can all have different setups but therés one thing they all have in common, they offer a user friendly order experience.


HaiKom W2P is highly flexible in its setup. The reason is that we develop new versions based on our customers needs. They challenge us to always develop the new generation of solution.


The work isn´t done when the order is placed, its just started. Configure your products to automatically start an output flow and go thru prepress fixup, imposition and straight to production. No unnecessary tasks needed.


Add the modules you need for your business and you only pay for what you need.

Media bank

A media bank lets the customer search and download or preview uploaded images, pdf-files etc. In dynamic templates, it´s possible to let the customer choose images from the media bank instead of uploading them from their computer.

HaiKom Prepress Module


In output flows you can add activities to handle different prepress tasks. The module makes it possible to recolor, add watermarks and barcodes.
It rotates, resizes and inserts pages. Embed fonts, set boxes, rearrange pages and add layers from uploaded PDF pages. Add script to manipulate metadata and change print settings, print media, bindings etc.

HaiKom Payment Gateway Module

Payment gateway

The payment gateway module allows buyers to pay with a credit card or Swish thru Swedbank Pay and Nets payment gateways. 

HaiKom Composite Module

Composite templates

A print product where the body consists of multiple print parts. The print parts can be uploaded print files, tabs, separators, and dynamic templates. This template is often used for course materials, manuals, thesis, and binders.

HaiKom Campaign kits Module

Supplier templates

Import your suppliers price lists without manual correction in Excel. Map out which column will be which property in the suppliers articles (sizes, color codes, etc.). When done for the first time, HaiKom remembers the settings the next time the provider updates its list. When the articles are imported, you can easily create templates and filter which article rows should be included in a template.


HaiKom Transport Integration Module

Transport integration

Lets the administrator book and track shipments without leaving HaiKom. The customer automatically gets a confirmation email containing whats shipped and in what quantities and also a link to track the shipment.


HaiKom Variable Data Printing Module

Variable data printing

Instead of printing a document in several copies a unique set is printed for each receiver. The module is designed to handle large quantities of receivers and pages effectively and reliably. There are several activities for variable data printing in the output flows. You may filter and remove documents that do not meet specified conditions. Split the jobs into batches. Add barcodes or OMR to control the enveloping machine. Sort documents based on document metadata. The output format can be chosen from PDF or PPML.

HaiKom Variable Data Printing Module

Cross media

As an addition to variable data print, you can combine print and e-mail jobs. Choose the date for sending and manage bounced emails and automatically create a print job for physical sending to them.

HaiKom Postal Sorting Module

Optimized postal sorting

Sorting VDP-jobs to follow the algorithms that Postnord, Citymail and VTD uses to optimize sorting and save postage costs.

HaiKom Recomposer Module


Import of pre-addressed print file to the VDP-module. HaiKom reads the addresses from the print file content or from meta data.
It enables you to combine, optimize postal sort, impose, batch split an much more.


We don´t like repetitive tasks. If the order has been writen ones, there is no reason to write it once again in another system. Instead, we could like you to import and export those orders, making even the smallest order profitable instead of eating up your profits.

HaiKom Order Import XML Module

Order import

Import orders and jobs by reading XML or JSON. Import can also be done by parsing keywords in text. The import file can imported through different channels, HTTP, FTP and Email scanning. How HaiKom reads the import files are customizable and lets you import any flavour of these formats.

HaiKom Order Export XML Module

Order export

HaiKom exports order and jobs to other systems in XML-format.

HaiKom Order Export XML Module

Invoice export

HaiKom exports order/invoice to Fortnox, several Visma applications and 24 Seven Office. Choose to merge invoices to reduce the number of invoices to the same customer.


Integrate with other systems to exchange data.

HaiKom API Module

HaiKom API

Makes it possible to integrate and exchange data with other systems. Place orders, handle users, update order status etc.

HaiKom OCI Module


OCI – Open catalogue interface, punchout solution. Let the user enter a HaiKom web shop from their purchasing system. The shopping cart is transferred to the purchasing system where the final order placement is done.

HaiKom SAML Module


Security Assertion Markup Language – Allows customer to sign in using single sign-on thru SAML2 protocol.