HaiKom 4.0 – Version 2022.6 is out now!

This version contains improvements in complete delivery. Price lists can now show price adjustments as discounts in order items instead of adjusting the gross price. Combine and process all jobs in an order automatically and much more.  

Version 2022.2 is out now!

Version 2021.11 is out now! The new version includes improvements and new functionallity in production planning, production view, imports improvements and additional items in job.

New release – Version 2021.11

Version 2021.11 is out now! The new version includes that now both customers and administrators can choose a new edition based on a list generated from the basic edition and the following edition when the quote is converted to an order. Previously, the administrator...

New release – Version 2021.9

This new version includes updates in quotes and price calculations. Improved search functionality when adding order items to quotes/orders. A new output flow activity that sorts documents using CityMail POP service. It´s now possible to integrate and send print files...